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PSN Username Changes Might Be Coming Within the Next Year

Shawn Layden? More like Shawn Laydout here, am I right? Right? Guys?...

PSN Username Changes Might Be Coming Within the Next Year

xX420ShOoTdUdE69Xx might have his days numbered.

After the main opening event of this year’s PlayStation Experience, Greg Miller of Kinda Funny sat down with Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden for a bit of back and forth. Among his first questions was one that’s always in the back of our minds, whether we care to admit it or not: When can we fix our teenage mistakes of PlayStation Network usernames? As you can probably guess, Layden’s immediate response on the oft-asked PSN question is how we got our headline image.

You can watch this part of the interview below:

Most importantly, what we got from this back-and-forth was this quote regarding the name question…

I hope we’ll see events occur that you don’t have to ask me that question next PSX.

Layden makes adding PSN name changing sound like a complex process, calling it a “large piece of work.” While his quote probably shouldn’t be considered a full-throated announcement of a potential PSN name change capability in the near future, it’s the closest we’ve come to getting an idea for when we can chop chose 69’s, 420’s, and inter-capitalized letters from our names.

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This post was originally authored by Kyle Kreoll.

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