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Pokemon GO Set to Receive 50 Hoenn Pokemon and a Weather System This Week

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Set to Receive 50 Hoenn Pokemon and a Weather System This Week

Niantic heard you like Mudkips.

More Hoenn Pokemon from the third generation of Pokemon games (Ruby and Sapphire) are coming to Pokemon GO later this week, developer Niantic revealed today via the mobile sensation’s official website.

Don’t get your hopes up, as only some of the generation’s pocket monsters will be eligible to be caught by trainers soon. Rather than releasing all 130 Hoenn Pokemon all at once, Niantic has decided to introduce this generation’s Pokemon incrementally. This makes sense, seeing as how only a handful of new monsters were available this past Halloween.

Pokemon will be added to the game in themed groups like grass, fire, water, and so on. This may upset some fans who want to hurry up and catch ’em all at once, though it’s important to keep in mind that there are a limited amount of generations to work with.

Niantic also revealed that a new weather system will be coming to the game this week. Pokemon GO will now factor in the real-world environment and change Pokemon spawns and other goodies like stardust accordingly, adding some much-needed immersion to the title. Pokemon caught while taking advantage of the weather will be stronger by default, so players will want to capitalize on this new feature as best they can should they want the best monsters available out there.

The five different types of weather are clear (effects grass, ground, and fire spawns), foggy (effects dark and ghost spawns), rainy (effects water, electric, and bug spawns), snowy (effects ice and steel spawns), and windy (effects dragon, flying, and psychic spawns).

An in-game holiday event has also been confirmed, though details have yet to be released as of the time of this writing.

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