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Daedalic Entertainment Announce The Pillars of the Earth Volume Two Release Date


Daedalic Entertainment Announce The Pillars of the Earth Volume Two Release Date

A brand new chapter for a gripping medieval tale.

Daedalic Entertainment has announced today that the second installment of its interactive novel, The Pillars of the Earth, will be available on Dec. 13 for PC via Steam. PS4 and Xbox One versions will release at the end of January 2018.

The Pillars of the Earth is Daedalic Entertainment’s adaptation of the best-selling book series by Ken Follett, which has sold more than 26 million copies to date. The novel tells a gripping medieval tale, set in 12th century England, a time of political turmoil. But instead of focusing on the kings and queens, this story provides a look into the lives of those affected by their rulers. Volume two is based on the second novel, Sowing the Wind, featuring the same protagonists, Jack and Aliena, now grown up and matured as they fight to save Kingsbridge from the ruthless William Hamleigh.

Featuring over 200 hand-painted backgrounds created with the help of an expert in Medieval history, The Pillars of the Earth has an artistic storybook quality complemented by an orchestral soundtrack performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra in Prague.

This second installment continues the dramatic, mature and emotional storyline that began with the first book. Many dynamics come to a head with violent conflicts and even death. The player will have unprecedented influence in this beloved story, even sometimes deciding who lives and who dies.

Game designer Matt Kempke states that the intention with the second volume was to “raise the stakes for the characters we’ve met and grown attached to”. With Kevin Mentz, another game designer for The Pillars of the Earth adding that gameplay-wise, “It’s a much faster paced, more action-packed experience. But we did our best to maintain focus on the poignant storytelling from Ken Follett’s original while adding more interactive moments.”

The Pillars of the Earth features a branching interactive narrative in which storyline events can be changed according to player decision.

You can check out the trailer for Sowing the Wind below:


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