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Monster Hunter Stories Gets a Smartphone Release in Japan

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories Gets a Smartphone Release in Japan

Gotta catch ’em all!

Monster Hunter Stories is a fun, colorful Pokemon-esque adventure that works very well as a handheld release. Taking it with you and finding and raising new monsters is part of what makes it such a blast, so it makes sense that Japanese gamers ended up getting a release via the App Store on iOS and Android via Google Play.

The smartphone version of the game does not feature micro transactions and costs about 1,900 yen. It’s not a dumbed-down version and instead features all the content the normal game on Nintendo 3DS does. It’s just recreated to run better on smartphones and honestly, it makes sense. It also features high-resolution graphics, an auto-save feature, and a user interface that works better with smartphones instead of what the 3DS previously used.

Japanese gamers can even try out the game before purchasing with a special demo version that’s on both Google Play and the App Store. Monster Hunter Stories came out originally in Japan on Oct. 16 and North America and Europe a year later in Sep. 2017, but there is currently no plans, apparently, for a mobile version for western fans.


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