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Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition Blasts Off Next Year

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Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition Blasts Off Next Year

You’ll love this game to the moon and back.

Kerbal Space Program is getting a new special edition in the form of Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition. It’s coming for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this coming January, as developer Squad announced today.

The new version of the game will feature a new interface, controls, and additional features that should help you further your unique brand of space exploration with the Kerbals. As you work to take over the space program for this unassuming little alien race, you’ll be tasked with creating your own spacecraft and keeping it airborne. That’s a lot more difficult than you may think, but you’ll see when you start playing.

The game features Science Mode where you can try out experiments to unlock new kinds of tech, Career Mode to become the master of the Kerbals’ space program, and Sandbox to let your imagination run wild. Physics and gravity aren’t always kind to your little green friends, and you’ll often be sending them to their doom if you’re not careful with what kind of crafts you build. But that just means you’ve got to celebrate the moments you didn’t fail, too.

If you’re excited to try your hand at this new version, grab the old one now on PC and get to practicing. You’re gonna need it.


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