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Go Drinking With the Devil in Night School Studio’s Afterparty

after party

Go Drinking With the Devil in Night School Studio’s Afterparty

See you in hell.

Night School Studio, the developers of Oxenfree, have a brand new project they’re working to bring to life. IGN reports that the team is working on a colorful, exciting new game called Afterparty, and it looks a lot like a very cool throwback to the heyday of ’90s adventure games.

Afterparty follows best friends Lola and Milo, who are about to diverge onto different paths after college. When they die unexpectedly, they find themselves in a DMV-like line where they wait in purgatory to find their place in Hell. There’s a way out, but there’s a catch: You’ve got to beat Satan at a drinking game.

You’ve got to get into Satan’s big afterparty, drink him under the table, and supposedly you’ll get your immortal souls back. But that sounds pretty difficult, doesn’t it? That’s why Afterparty sounds like a pretty hilarious adventure.

During the game you’ll control both Lola and Milo as you play through several bar-like areas in hell. Drinking will always be a part of the game, an ever-present option that you can choose in every situation, so if you think the best solution to a question is to drink, you can definitely do that.

The game isn’t planned for release until 2019, but it certainly sounds like something we’ll want to keep an eye on.


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