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Detroit: Become Human Is a “Quantum Leap” from Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls

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Detroit: Become Human Is a “Quantum Leap” from Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls

Better in terms of story and gameplay?

Developer Quantic Dream believes its upcoming PS4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human is a “quantum leap” from Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain with regards to “intuitive gameplay and engaging narrative.”

Speaking to Gamereactor, lead writer Adam Williams said Detroit: Become Human is “broader” in scope compared to the past games the team has created. Williams explained that Quantic Dream’s previous games told “very personal stories” while Detroit: Become Human “focuses on social issues and society in general.” In retrospect, Heavy Rain featured four characters hell-bent on apprehending a notorious origami killer, while Beyond: Two Souls featured a woman who possessed supernatural abilities through a psychic incorporeal entity. While Heavy Rain’s origami killer has affected the lives of many people and the hostile entities in Beyond: Two Souls endangered the fate of mankind, both games zoomed in on the life of its protagonists throughout the story.

Williams also boasts that Detroit: Become Human offers “a level of player freedom that Beyond and Heavy Rain never could,” with the developers likely pertaining to the game’s vast choice-based outcomes. In Detroit: Become Human, player decisions not only affect the characters you meet but also the world itself, said Williams. It also features a “considerably deeper” gameplay through its three playable protagonists, each with special abilities that “offer different gameplay opportunities.”

“Connor, for example, is an android detective who hunts down rogue androids,” said Williams. Connor has the ability to reconstruct a scene by analyzing the available information, a gameplay opportunity that is not available for the other characters. In terms of personality, they are also very different, and Connor is much more focused and objective than the other two.”

Detroit: Become Human is scheduled to release sometime in spring 2018 exclusively on PS4.

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