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That Underwater Scene in the Death Stranding Trailer Is Actually a ‘Game Over’ Purgatory

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That Underwater Scene in the Death Stranding Trailer Is Actually a ‘Game Over’ Purgatory

You’ll find your answers underwater.

If Death Stranding’s latest trailer confused you and made you hungry for more, you’re not alone. But there’s something about its latest trailer you may not actually have realized about it. Cleverly hidden in the trailer is a segment that seems to be just a disjointed part of it that feels as though it was just thrown into the mix without explanation. Norman Reedus’s character is plunged underwater, but to what end?

According to Kojima himself, during an interview with IGN, that area is an underwater purgatory that the character is floating around in. When you die in the game, you can explore this underwater area as a spirit, pick up lost items, and do a lot of other things as well as an attempt to change up the outdated “game over” and death mechanics most games utilize.

Interestingly enough, when you come back from this world, you’ll see that the game world will actually recognize that you were defeated in your last play through, as Kojima explains that “death will never pull you out of the game.” So if you’re curious about how your game will play out when you’re defeated or when something happens to you that you can’t come back from, the game will find some sort of answer for you.

In a world where a type of weird rain called Timefall causes rapid aging, and there are Lovecraftian horrors surrounding you, it’s good to have a bit of clarification from the man himself about some of the strange things affecting the characters in-game. And now it makes us want to play Death Stranding even more.


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