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Creepy Neighborly Puzzler Hello Neighbor Launches This Friday

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Creepy Neighborly Puzzler Hello Neighbor Launches This Friday

Your neighbor is always watching…

Hello Neighbor is an intriguing stealth puzzler/survival horror game where you aim to sneak into your neighbor’s basement to figure out what he’s hiding there. The only thing is he’s programmed to modify his behavior with every new attempt you make at uncovering his secret.

The game is finally releasing this Friday after being available for a lengthy time as a game via Steam Early Access. It’s also got a brand new launch trailer to accompany it, which shows off so many of the precarious situations you could find yourself in if you don’t take great care to avoid being captured.

It’s possible to be captured by the neighbor, and if you end up managing to be caught, you’ll have to head all the way back to your own house. Then you’ll have to start the process all the way over again, which is pretty frustrating.

Hello Neighbor looks like a pretty good time, if not especially creepy and unsettling with the way your neighbor can watch you and adapt to everything you do. If that sounds like something you can stomach check out the trailer below and get ready for Friday’s official debut.


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