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CCP Games Is Working on a New MMORPG

EVE Online Destroyers

CCP Games Is Working on a New MMORPG

What could be next from CCP?

EVE Online creator CCP Games is looking to create a “new and highly ambitious MMORPG” in the near future, based out of their London studio. A job listing, found by MassivelyOP, details what the studio is looking for, particularly someone who has gobs of experience with Unreal Engine 4.

“CCP is currently building a team in London to lead development on a new and highly ambitious MMORPG. We are looking to grow a relatively small, tight-knit team, capable of delivering big ideas through experience, smart process, and world-class tools.” They say “the ideal candidate will have a demonstrable track-record of leading design teams on multiple high-profile titles, and ideally experience of RPG gameplay and systems design development.”

There’s no explicit mention of what the new project could be, but currently CCP Games is working on at least two upcoming titles. Project Nova is the studio’s new shooter and Project Aurora is a mobile game that’s on the way as well, but neither have previously been given the MMORPG distinction, so all signs point to something entirely new.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about the new project in the coming months, possibly at the upcoming EVE Online gathering in April 2018.


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