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Xbox One Game Gifting Now Available For All

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Xbox One Game Gifting Now Available For All

Perfectly timed for the upcoming holiday sales.

Microsoft has opened out the Xbox One game gifting option to all Xbox One owners, allowing the ability to gift purchases over Xbox Live.

Xbox One game gifting has been slowly rolling out through the Xbox Preview Program over the last few months, but now the option has been opened out to every Xbox One owner. A ‘buy as gift’ button now appears next to the usual purchase options for every game on Xbox Live which, similarly to Steam, will send a 25-digit code to the user of your choice to redeem the gift on their own account, either through Xbox Live or via a valid email address. It’s perfect timing too, considering the many upcoming holiday and Black Friday sales that will soon be advertised heavily across the Xbox brand in the coming days.

Whilst a majority of the content available on Xbox Live is available using the new feature, there are a few obvious exceptions. Pre-orders and backwards compatible games (including the recent addition of original Xbox games as well as Xbox 360 content) cannot be gifted, and some consumable or micro transaction items are also excluded. You can also only send gifts to consoles in your same region, so if you have a friend in Australia but your console resides in the US, you’ll have to stick with the old school ‘postal’ system for now.

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