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Monster Hunter: World Director Explains How the Game Will Help Newcomers

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Monster Hunter: World Director Explains How the Game Will Help Newcomers

The hunt begins.

Monster Hunter: World was announced earlier this year at E3 and is set to see the series return to consoles early next year. The Monster Hunter series is known for offering players a vast world to explore and a very deep system which can be somewhat daunting for new players.

In a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, Monster Hunter World’s director, Yuya Tokuda, acknowledged that the game can be off-putting for more casual gamers and said that he wants to lose the “drop-out rate” of players without compromising the game.

“The purpose of all of these quality-of-life improvements is to lose the drop-out rate of players who maybe start a game and want to get into it but all these different little things build up and they don’t get through to the meat of the game,” he said. “I think if they got to that point and pushed through they’d really enjoy the core gameplay. So we aren’t changing the core gameplay, we’re just making an easier road to get there – we don’t want you being put off before you get to the good stuff.”

The guide was deemed necessary by the development team as this will be the largest Monster Hunter game in the series and will no doubt attract newcomers who will be intrigued by the game.

“We have time to challenge our own assumptions about what were obvious things,” explained Tokuda. “We want to add flexible options, we aren’t taking complex systems and dumbing them down, we’re taking complex systems and giving players the chance to be more free to choose how they want to interact with the game.”

It seems Monster Hunter: World aims to embrace new hunters whilst also remaining true to veterans. The game is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Jan. 26.

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