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New Monster Hunter World Details are Here; Includes Training Area, 50-Member Squads

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New Monster Hunter World Details are Here; Includes Training Area, 50-Member Squads

Who knew being a Monster Hunter could be so social?

Still counting the days until you can play Monster Hunter World? Well Capcom has released some new details about the upcoming game that may tide some over.

The first of the announcements introduces players to Star’s Ship, which is a tavern that allows up to 16 hunters at a time to meet up. Most of the facilities can also be used offline.

There is the Arena and Quest Counter, which allows you to, unsurprisingly, take on quests and take part in the Arena. The Squad Management Counter is for managing your squad and in-game communities. The Announcement Board is where you can grab login bonuses and check up on other topics.

There is also the Canteen, which bestows bonuses to the Hunters that eat there before they leave to complete quests.

Squads were also detailed in the latest batch of updates for Monster Hunter World. You can be in as many as 8 squads, and each squad can have up to 50 members at a time. If you lead a Squad, you can set the name of it, an icon, and identifying messages.

In the Gathering Hub, which is also a part of Star’s Ship, you will be able to meet up with other players by selecting various search features. This will allow players to be randomly matched up with others, or to specify exactly what it is you’re looking for by player tendency, quest tendency, hunter rank, and the language used.

And, if you are looking for a single Gathering Hub, you can also use the number input feature, that will allow you to type in the number of your friend’s Hub.

Finally, a new Training Areawas unveiled. This area will allow you to test out weapons and actions by pitting you against a number of inanimate objects. It also displays how to perform combos so that you can practice them without needing to read through a menu while paused.

Monster Hunter World will be available on PS4 and Xbox One Jan. 26, 2018.

It will also be coming to PC at an undetermined date.

A beta will be running on the PS4 from Dec. 9 through Dec. 12.

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