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EA Reveals Star Wars Battlefront II’s First Season of Free DLC, Includes New Story Content


EA Reveals Star Wars Battlefront II’s First Season of Free DLC, Includes New Story Content

Battlefront II has Last Jedi content incoming.

EA has revealed their post-launch contents for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II, and what free DLC fans will get over the next couples months. The DLC for Battlefront II will include different seasons, that oftentimes revolve around around current releases. In this case the first season will be all about The Last Jedi, and introduce new elements from the film.

Surprisingly it won’t just be multiplayer add-ons that we get, but also new chapters added onto the campaign and adventure of Iden Versio. Things will first kick off on Dec. 5, having you choose a faction between the Resistance and The New Order, which will decide different challenges and such that you get. Here’s a rundown of the first season, from a blog post on EA’s website.

  • It all starts with choosing a side. On December 5, you’ll have an opportunity to align with the First Order or choose to fight for the Resistance. Your choice is important, as it will allow you to take part in special challenges that will grant your faction specific rewards.
  • Things kick into high gear on December 13. Your favorite stormtrooper-turned-hero Finn joins the fight for the Resistance and Captain Phasma steps on to the Battlefront for the First Order. They can be purchased with in-game Credits that week. Whichever faction is victorious in completing the most challenges that week will net a reward as well: a special Crate of high-power upgrades for Finn or Captain Phasma.
  • New locations and vehicles will also arrive. On December 13, the cinematic content from Star Wars™: The Last Jedi continues with a new planetary map: Crait. The Starfighter Assault map of D’qar will join as well, plus a new hero ship – Tallie Lintra’s RZ-2 A-wing. Poe Dameron’s T-70 X-wing is also upgraded with a new ability inspired by Star Wars™: The Last Jedi.
  • Iden Versio returns. In Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II Resurrection, you’ll join Commander Iden Versio during the days of the First Order’s rise to power. This all new chapter of Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II’s single-player story mode will be available December 13.
  • Your choice of faction will continue to matter. Throughout December, you’ll see your chosen faction’s progress reflected in-game, as you fight alongside allies from around the world to swing the tide of battle.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches on Nov. 17 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Users on Origin Access can actually jump into the game right now, and try out 10 hours of the game. We recently got some hands-on time with game’s multiplayer, and you can see our thoughts on the highly improved Starfighter Assault mode here.


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