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World of Final Fantasy is Coming to PC Next Month

World of Final Fantasy Iron Giant

World of Final Fantasy is Coming to PC Next Month

This Final Fantasy rocks my world.

If you love Pokémon and Final Fantasy, then you will adore World of Final Fantasy. The creature-capturing RPG was previously only available on PS Vita and PlayStation 4, but next month PC players will be able to get in on the adorable chibi fun.

You can capture Chocobos, Cactuars, Behemoths, and tons of other classic Final Fantasy beasties, and battle them against evil in a world that is full of homages to main series Final Fantasy games. They even have different evolutions they can grow into the more you level them, so yes, it is precisely like Pokémon in concept. However, the battle system is more akin to Final Fantasy and might be just what the doctor ordered for those that want to see what Pokemon might play like if the target age range was a bit higher.

World of Final Fantasy will cost $39.99 on PC, which is a little steep. However, it’s definitely worth checking out when it releases on November 21.


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