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VVVVVV Is Coming to Nintendo Switch This November


VVVVVV Is Coming to Nintendo Switch This November

The tricky platformer is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Nicalis’ throwback platform VVVVVV is coming to the Nintendo Switch by way of the Nintendo eShop this November, and you can get an eyeful of it thanks to its latest trailer.

The game is bringing its unique brand of difficulty to the Switch on Nov. 17 for $9.99, and it will run at 60 frame per second, with additional graphical filters to alter the game’s look. You take up the mantle of Captain Viridian, a commander of a spaceship whose crew has somehow been transported at random to unknown locations. It’s your job to find them by exploring the ship and changing the polarity of the gravity in the ship.

This means you have to fall up and back and forth between ceiling and floor to search for the ship’s crew as well as teleporters. Did we mention, like several other Nicalis games, that it’s very hard?

Hold onto your cash for the game’s release next month, or pick it up on one of the several other platforms it’s currently available on: PC, 3DS, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS and more. There are so many ways to play it, it’s really a crime if you haven’t yet.


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