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Studio MDHR Has Plans For a Cuphead Physical Release and Collector’s Edition

Cuphead, Xbox One, PC

Studio MDHR Has Plans For a Cuphead Physical Release and Collector’s Edition

Hopefully it comes with a Cuphead cup.

Given how Cuphead has been so well-received by most critics in general, it’s no surprise that developers Studio MDHR would have plans for a physical release of the game. More than that, however, it also looks like the developers have plans for releasing a physical collector’s edition on top of that. When asked about the possibility of a physical release, the studio provided this response on Twitter:

Cuphead is a unique game because of its distinct 1930’s animated cartoon style. It features multiple boss levels that are equal parts challenging and satisfying, and require players to be precise in their movements and learn boss moves and patterns. The game was in development for quite a few years, but it finally saw its official release at the end of September, and was loved by critics and fans alike.

We’d definitely be interested to see what’s included in the collector’s edition, and we’ll keep you updated as more information comes our way, along with any release date announcements.

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