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Bluehole in Talks With Sony About Bringing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to PlayStation 4

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, month 3 update

Bluehole in Talks With Sony About Bringing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to PlayStation 4

A PS4 version may come after the game’s Xbox One release.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Bluehole co-founder Chang Byung-gyu confirmed that the developer is in talks with all major console manufacturers in regards to bringing popular Battle Royale-style multiplayer game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to their respective platforms.

The PlayStation 4 was specifically singled out, as the publication mentions that ongoing talks with Sony are being had so that the game could release on the platform after its Xbox One debut in early 2018.

Though PlayStation was the one mentioned, it’s interesting to note that this doesn’t rule out the possibility of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds coming to the Nintendo Switch. Though it remains to be seen, having the game on Nintendo’s hybrid platform shouldn’t come out of left field.

In case you’re unaware, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released back in March as part of Steam’s early access program and has since sold over 13 million copies since it’s introduction to market. Two weekends ago, the game had a staggering 1,523,179 concurrent users playing all at once, accounting for over ten percent of all Steam users all on its own.The game was revealed to be making its way over to the Xbox One back in June during Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

In recent news for the game, it was discovered that some players are paying over $1000 for a bandana that was originally part of a pre-order crate that’s no longer available. As the item has becomes rarer and rarer, the price players are willing to pay for it has slowly but surely risen. One player purchased one for $200, then last month one sold for $700, and now one customer has bought one for $1,015.

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