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The Nintendo Switch Now Supports the GameCube Adapter, Apparently

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The Nintendo Switch Now Supports the GameCube Adapter, Apparently

All we need now is Super Smash Bros.

The Nintendo Switch has just gotten a new update that adds a lot of nifty new features, but there also seems to be something that Nintendo didn’t include in the patch notes. Twitter user Master Mewking discovered that GameCube controllers can now work with the Switch via the Wii U adapter.

Just plug in the adapter to the Switch’s USB port and use the L + R buttons on the GameCube controller to pair it with the console. The Nintendo Switch will recognize it as a USB controller that even works with games. That said, the button layout may feel a little awkward when playing certain titles, but it’s still fully functional as another controller.

Having a Gamecube controller opens up a lot of possibilities for future Nintendo Switch projects, like for a possible Super Smash Bros. port or even GameCube virtual console (if Nintendo ever decides to make one). GameXplain has uploaded a video of the controller working with Fire Emblem Warriors, so check it out below if you want to learn more.



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