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Fortnite’s New “Horde Bash” PvE Update Arrives This Week, Details Revealed

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Fortnite’s New “Horde Bash” PvE Update Arrives This Week, Details Revealed

Check out the new gameplay trailer for the mode.

Epic Games has announced that a brand new game mode will be releasing for Fortnite on Oct. 5. The “Horde Bash” PvE update includes a new Challenge the Horde gameplay mode, along with an in-game Scavenger event and new weapons and heroes.

In Challenge the Horde, you and up to three friends have limited resources to build a fort as strong as you can. As you survive waves of zombie enemies, you’ll receive more resources to continually improve your fort along with rewards for future use.

The in-game Scavenger event comes with a new event Llama, which in Fortnite are rewards packs that are broken open for special items and resources. In the new Scavenger Llamas are nine new weapons, two new Defenders, and four new playable heroes. You can purchase a Scavenger Llama with Scavenger tickets, which are collected by playing the normal quests or surviving in the Challenge the Horde mode. In a press release announcing the release of the PvE update, it mentions quality level of the new weapons saying, “the Scavenger weapon set is delicate, but they’re all cheap to craft.”

The new Scavenger heroes releasing with this update include:

  • Raider Soldier – Close-rage shotgun user.
  • Ammo Harvest Outlander – Collects ammo for themselves and their team.
  • Trap Specialist Constructor – Features damage and durability boosts.
  • Energy Thief Ninja – Using melee combat, it can leech and create energy to use against enemies.

Some images of the new weapons can be seen at the end of the announcement trailer above. As well, this update will bring 25 new progressions quests for players to work through.

The new Fortnite PvE update is coming to the early access version of Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac on Oct. 5. The previous update for Fortnite entitled Battle Royale has sparked some concerns recently, spurring an official response from the creators of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds complaining about the similarity in gameplay between the two games. You can check out that story here.


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