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New Super Mario Odyssey Image Teases Cappy-Like Eyes on Peach’s Tiara

Super Mario Odyssey, Peach, Cappy

New Super Mario Odyssey Image Teases Cappy-Like Eyes on Peach’s Tiara

Cappy’s girlfriend?

The Super Mario Odyssey website has gotten a few new images of the game, one of which is an updated shot of Peach and Bowser’s wedding invitation for Mario. The image shows both characters surrounded by a large heart, but Princess Peach seems completely out of it. One interesting thing to note here is that her wedding tiara actually has a pair of eyes which look extremely similar to Cappy’s eyes.

Super Mario Odyssey, Peach, Cappy

Peach’s “Cappy” has a violet hue and even has its own pair of eyelashes. It also looks extremely annoyed at Bowser, which hints that it may be on Peach’s side. While Nintendo hasn’t shared any details about multiple Cappys in Super Mario Odyssey, it’s pretty interesting that the tiara has its own set of eyes. This could act as the set up between Mario and Cappy’s partnership as the both of them might be on a mission to save their respective girlfriend.

On the other hand, this might also hint at a playable Peach in the game. After appearing as a playable unit in Mario + Rabbids, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Nintendo has decided to give the Mushroom Kingdom princess a more active role in Mario games. We’ll keep you updated with more information about these mysterious eyes if Nintendo drops more hints along the way.

Super Mario Odyssey is slated to release this Oct. 27 on the Nintendo Switch.


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