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Snipperclips Plus: Cut it Out Together Launches November 10th

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Snipperclips Plus: Cut it Out Together Launches November 10th

More co-op puzzle action is on the way!

Snipperclips is getting a wealth of additional content in the form of Snipperclips Plus: Cut it Out Together, arriving on November 10.

This expanded version of the original game offers more than 30 new stages, challenges, and features. Remixes of the original levels will be included as well, just in case you missed out on the first game’s collection of stages. In case you missed it, it’s an adorable puzzler where you work together as two pieces of paper to snip and clip your way to puzzle solutions. It may sound silly, but it’s a whole lot of fun, and an essential title for the Switch.

The game will be available in stores, complete with all the content from the original game, as well as on the eShop. If you’re picking it up in stores, the complete package will cost $29.99, but owners of the original game will be able to download just the additional content on the Switch’s eShop for $9.99.

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This post was originally written by Tyler Kelbaugh.

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