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It’s a Freestyle Playground in Japan’s Destiny 2 Launch Trailer


It’s a Freestyle Playground in Japan’s Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

Dance the night away, Destiny style.

With Destiny 2 in the hands of eager players as of today, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia has gone forth with a snazzy new live-action Destiny 2 live-action trailer. It’s a lot cooler than anything we’ve seen here in the west, that’s for sure, as over 39 dancers take the stage to cut a rug, Destiny 2 style. The “Freestyle Playground” trailer is probably the best piece of advertisement to have come out of Destiny 2’s launch so far.

The live-action short gives us an entertaining look at how rad a live-action Destiny show or movie could look if done right, and there are some seriously talented Guardians busting a move in the clip, including the dancer SHIN of Radiofish and even Ginyu ForcE, who brought us the “Wota-gei” dance. The music, from TeddyLoid, is pretty bangin’ as well.

If you never thought you’d see Destiny 2 characters breaking it down like this, today is your lucky day. I know it got me more pumped to play the game than the character clips or snippets of lore, that’s for sure. How about Destiny 2 incorporates a dance-off now? That’s what the people want. And if you want to see some awesome freestyle dancing, look no further than below for the trailer.


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