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Destiny 2 Is Crashing Repeatedly for Some Unlucky PS4 Pro Users

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Destiny 2 Is Crashing Repeatedly for Some Unlucky PS4 Pro Users

Destiny 2’s launch hasn’t been totally void of problems.

Destiny 2’s launch hasn’t gone smoothly for some unlucky players. Individuals running the game on PS4 Pro have reported repeated crashing and freezing, in some cases, blocking their progress entirely.

PS4 Pro players have joined a thread on the Bungie forums complaining of crashes when playing on PS4 Pro. Bungie immediately responded to the thread, reassuring with the following statement:

“Hello all,

Thank you for your reports! We are aware of reports of some PS4 Pro players encountering crashes and are working with our partners to investigate the issue.”

Crashes have been reported across several different missions and, in the worst instances, with a frequency of every 3-4 minutes. Several players have stated a particular issue when introduced to Zavala in the opening tutorial mission. The error code that pops up is “Error Code CE-34878-0”.

Interestingly, some players mention that this was a crash code that was reported during the Destiny 2 beta.

As of yet, there is no official fix for the crash/error code. Several players have listed different attempts at fixing the issue without success. We have put together a compilation of potential fixes.

Bungie forum user TilmenDASH has made a video log of the crashes experienced while playing on the PS4 Pro. You can check it out below:


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