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Pick up Your Favorite Rainbow Six Siege Character as an Action Figure


Pick up Your Favorite Rainbow Six Siege Character as an Action Figure

Which character is your favorite?

Did you really love Rainbow Six Siege? Want the world to know? Ubisoft is releasing a series of five figurines based on the counter-terrorist group from the game. They’re actually very cute, even if you don’t have any connection to the game.

The “Six Collection” comes with five different Chibi Collectible figurines, each based off of adorable small versions of the Operators, including Ash, Smoke, Montagne, IQ, and Tachanka. Tachanka is an online exclusive you’ll have to look at Ubisoft’s official store if you want to take him home. All the figures are about 4 inches tall and come packaged in a great-looking box for the sake of displaying them all in a safe place.

Each figure will cost you about $17.99 if you’re looking to grab one, but buying all five will certainly be pricey. Ubisoft is running a deal currently, however, that gives you a fifth figure free if you plunk down the cash on the other four. You can preorder the figures now, with the collection launching next week. Choose wisely though, unless you’re that big of a fan where money is no object when it comes to collecting Rainbow Six Siege march.


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