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Valve Teases Artifact, a Dota-Themed Card Game


Valve Teases Artifact, a Dota-Themed Card Game

Nope, not Half Life 3.

During Valve’s esports event “The International” yesterday, Valve released a teaser trailer for its brand new game, and sorry folks, it isn’t Half Life 3. It is, in fact, Artifact, a digital card game based on the DOTA franchise.

Valve didn’t waste any time with its new announcement, waiting until only the second day of the event to drop a teaser trailer for this new spin off. Although fans of DOTA have been dreaming up a DOTA-themed card game similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone for years, some of the crowd weren’t shy about voicing their underwhelmed reaction to the brief snippet.

Apart from the name and logo, Valve didn’t give us too much in the way of details. There were no screen shots or gameplay footage to give us any clues as to how this upcoming card game will play. What we do know is that former Double Fine developer and current Valve Gameplay Programmer Brad Muir (Iron Brigade, Massive Chalice) revealed he’s been working on the project “for a while now”.

You can check out the brief teaser trailer for yourself below:


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