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The Division to Get Free Content in Upcoming Update



The Division to Get Free Content in Upcoming Update

Coming this Fall.

The Division was released by Ubisoft last year and, after a somewhat rocky launch, the game is now in good shape thanks to regular updates and tweaks provided by its developer. Those of you who enjoy fighting in the streets of New York will be pleased to learn that an upcoming update will see a big chunk of new content be released for the game, totally free of charge.

As GameSpot reports, the 1.8 update is set to roll out this Fall and will see two new game modes as well as a new area and social space. One of the two new game modes is called Resistance and is essentially a Horde-mode where players must survive against ever increasingly difficult waves of enemies. It will see, for the first time, enemy factions teaming up to take you down.

The PvP mode is called Skirmish and is essentially a team deathmatch game mode where two players of four fight to take each other down. The new area of the map is called West Side Pier and expands upon the existing map. This is where the new game modes will take place.

Last but not least, a new social space called Camp Clinton will be added and will be a safe haven for you to check your weapons and equipment before heading out on a mission. The update will also see some tweaks and balances addressed in the game as well as general fixes. No doubt we’ll hear more on the update as Fall approaches.

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