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Splatoon 2’s Next Splatfest Arriving in Early September

Splatoon 2 Splatfest


Splatoon 2’s Next Splatfest Arriving in Early September

You’ll never see Team Invisibility coming.

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed via Twitter today that Splatoon 2’s next Splatfest will be arriving in just a couple of weeks in early September.

Presumably set for the weekend of September 1 to September 3, the event will pit two superpowers against one another, with participants determining whether flight or invisibility is the better choice. Fans can expect similarities to previous Splatfest events to occur, as specially themed ink colors, exclusive gear and other goodies will most likely be offered here, too.

Splatoon 2’s first Splatfest took place earlier this month and pitted condiments ketchup and mayo against each other. Though ketchup was the clear fan favorite and won the event’s popular vote, mayo ended up having the most wins over the course of the weekend. Needless to say, fans were nothing less than surprised concerning the outcome, taking to Twitter to claim that the results were rigged. Only time will tell whether or not flight versus invisibility will end just as controversial.

Nintendo’s team-based squid shooter released last month exclusively for their newest platform, the Switch. We mostly praised the game in our review, citing the title’s unique style and charm as one of its greatest strengths. If you’re planning on competing in Splatoon 2’s second Splatfest, check out our wiki guide to help you become a pro before the big weekend.

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