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RPG Maker Fes DLC Add-Ons Are Now Available in North America

RPG Maker Fes


RPG Maker Fes DLC Add-Ons Are Now Available in North America

A lot more tiles and sprites are now available to create your dream game.

RPG Maker Fes brings game creation to the small screens of the Nintendo 3DS, but upon its release in the West in June, it was missing something: DLC packs. The European market has had access to the DLC since the game released over there, but North Americans were left high and dry with no projected release date for the extra content. Now though, the wait is up and with very little fanfare, NIS has made all the Japanese DLC available.

You can now purchase RPG Maker Fes DLC or download the free assets via the Download Contents option in the main menu. The first order of business for getting the downloadable content is to grab the “All Downloadable Contents” item from the store. While this won’t unlock any DLC for you to use in making games, it will allow you to play any games created by others with the DLC.

After you download that first package you can get the following RPG Maker Fes DLC for free:

  • Chibi Character Pack: Adds 24 chibi-style character sprites.
  • Modern Set: Adds modern day RPG assets.
  • Sengoku Set: Gives you Sengoku map chips, chibi character sprites, and sound effects.
  • Sci-Fi Set: Gives sci-fi map chips, character and monster images, backgrounds, and chibi character sprites.

The following DLC will require you to purchase it:

  • Modern Set 2 ($5.99): More modern-themed map chins and character sprites.
  • Modern Horror Set ($8.99): Horror-themed map chips, sound effects, and chibi sprites.
  • Sengoku Set 2 ($3.99): More map chips and character sprites.
  • Special Materials Set ($1.99): Modern town-themed unique materials.
  • Supernatural Set ($5.99) Supernatural-themed assets
  • Sci-Fi Set 2 ($8.99): More sci-fi-themed assets

Coinciding with the release of the RPG Maker Fes DLC you now can purchase extra upload slots for games. You can buy a new slot for $0.99 up to a limit of 15.


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