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New Rogue Trooper Redux Trailer Gives You Seven Reasons to Revisit Nu-Earth

Rogue Trooper Redux, Rebellion

New Rogue Trooper Redux Trailer Gives You Seven Reasons to Revisit Nu-Earth

Is it enough to entice you to purchase?

A new trailer for Rogue Trooper Redux has been released by Rebellion, giving players seven reasons to jump back into Nu-Earth after it releases October 17.

The video, which Rebellion has created for both new players and fans of the original game, mentions that the story is just one of the reasons to pick up Rogue Trooper Redux. The game was nominated for the Best Screenplay award at the BAFTA Video Game Awards in 2006, although it lost out to DoubleFine’s Psychonauts. Lead character Rogue was also nominated for an award at the same awards ceremony.

Rebellion also mention that the remastered visuals for the current generation of consoles will make the game look a lot better than the original from 2006. While the combat isn’t being changed, the addition of a new cover system and tweaked controls to make the game more enjoyable Rebellion believes will make the game worth jumping back into. There will also be new difficulty modes.

Rogue Trooper Redux is due to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 17, with the release date of a version for the Nintendo Switch yet to be announced.

The original Rogue Trooper released April 2006 in Europe for PC, original Xbox, and PlayStation 2. The game came out in North America a month later.

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