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Rainbow Six: Siege Is Getting a Brand New Map Rotation and Taking Some Maps out of the Game

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Rainbow Six: Siege Is Getting a Brand New Map Rotation and Taking Some Maps out of the Game

Hopefully, your favorites are still in rotation.

According to the Rainbow Six Dev Blog, Rainbow Six: Siege is going to be undergoing some major changes in regard to its map playlists for both ranked and casual play. Ranked players will be sharing the same map pool as the Pro League teams, which, for season 3 will consist of the following 9 maps:

  • Bank
  • Clubhouse
  • Oregon
  • Kafe
  • Consulate
  • Chalet
  • Border
  • Coastline
  • Skyscraper

The reason stated for this change is that it will give players a chance to train their skills in the same type of environment as the pros. However, the changes to the maps featured in the casual mode of online play are being put into place for various reasons. But first, the 15 maps that will be featured include all of the ones above with the addition of the Kanal, Hereford, University, House, Plane, and Theme Park maps.

Now, the reasons behind the changes to the casual playlist update for Rainbow Six. New players will benefit from the changes. “We have identified the steep learning curve that our new players face in terms of map knowledge,” the blog post states, “and this is one of the ways that we plan to address it.”

Not only is it about giving gamers who are just picking up the game a fair shot against veterans who have been playing the title since late 2015. The upcoming playlist is also allowing Ubisoft to remove maps from the game. A number of these maps won’t be gone forever and instead are getting reworked by the level designers. But this is also in preperation for removing certain maps completely after Season 3 finishes up. Currently, there is no word on which maps are coming back and which ones may be on the chopping block.

The third reason listed is that the game is nearing its data limit. So taking these maps out and reworking them will allow the developers of Rainbow Six: Siege to change how the maps are stored. If you don’t see one of your favorite maps listed above, all the maps are still available to play in custom matches. At least for now.

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