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Paragon’s New Update Offers Major Balance Changes Next Week

Paragon, The New Dawn


Paragon’s New Update Offers Major Balance Changes Next Week

The New Dawn for Paragon.

A major update is coming to Epic Games’ multiplayer online battle arena Paragon on Tuesday, Aug. 8, the company announced today. Called “The New Dawn,” the update makes drastic changes to the MOBA’s gameplay, heroes, and systems for both PlayStation 4 and PC.

The balance of the game has been completely redone with The New Dawn by giving all heroes, towers, and minions new baseline stats. Additionally, all heroes now have increased attack speed and reduced cooldowns on abilities in an effort to reduce early game kills and make attacks feel more responsive.

The card system that allows heroes to upgrade during matches also receives an overhaul with 100 new cards, upgrading cards through duplicates, and allowing different heroes to use the same decks. The new gem system in the update offers passive abilities and stat bonuses for heroes by leveling agility, intellect, and vitality during matches. Up to six total gems can be used to earn effects such as multishot and a spell shield that blocks the next enemy’s attack.

The New Dawn also boasts more mastery ranks, rewards, and two special banners for completing matches from Aug. 8 to Aug. 21. The full patch notes can be read at Paragon’s official page. Epic is celebrating the update with a 33% discount on all skins, banners, and emotes from the in-game store until Aug. 14.


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