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Monster Hunter XX Gets A Region-Free Switch Demo Next Week


Monster Hunter XX Gets A Region-Free Switch Demo Next Week

Get your MonHun on.

Can’t wait to get your hands on Monster Hunter XX? You don’t have to wait very long to play it. A demo is hitting the Japanese eShop next week on August 10, and you can play it the same day.

The Nintendo Switch, if you didn’t know already, is actually region-free. So this means you can download the demo even if you don’t live in Japan. Lucky for you, you can create a special Nintendo Account that corresponds to the region you want to download titles with, link it to the console you want to use, and download the demo via the Japanese eShop from there. It’s a very easy process, and should open up plenty of opportunities for you to play other games. Monster Hunter XX’s demo will obviously be in Japanese, but that shouldn’t keep you from playing.

The full game doesn’t release in Japan until August 25, but you’ll have a chance at completing several different quests as the demo serves up a delicious taste of what it has to offer eventually. Unfortunately, there aren’t any current plans to release the game for English audiences, so this may be as close as you can get to the game for a while. Better enjoy it while you can for the moment.


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