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Check out Half-Life 2 Being Played on a Nintendo Switch


Check out Half-Life 2 Being Played on a Nintendo Switch

Gordon Freeman on the Switch? Maybe dreams really do come true.

The critical and fan acclaimed Half-Life 2 may actually be playable on the Nintendo Switch in the future, if footage from Rainway developer Andrew Sampson is to be believed. The app – whose creator promises will indeed be eventually available on Switch’s eShop – streams PC games to a variety of consoles and is currently in development.

Found below, it seems as though Half-Life 2 will even be able to take advantage of the Switch’s hardware capabilities as not only will it be portable, but will also be able to be controlled with the system’s native Joy-Con controllers as well. There’s no word yet if the game will still work with the Joy-Cons detached, but seeing as how most games already on the system operate in largely the same way without them, there’s a good chance they may. The biggest downside so far is the app’s low framerate, though it is still currently being worked on.

Rainway hasn’t had a release date announced as of late, but beta testing for the app’s browser version starts on November 25, with registration happening right now on the software’s official website. Half-Life 2 isn’t the only title that the developer showcased running on the Switch, as just last week Sampson demonstrated The Witcher 3 operating on the system.

Given Nintendo’s strict policies in regards to its franchises, it’s unsure whether or not Rainway will pass the publisher’s eShop standards. Seeing as how there may be emulators of old Nintendo games online that the house of Mario still hasn’t caught and shut down, the video game giant may not take too favorably to the steaming app. Of course, nothing is set in stone and everything remains to be seen. Fingers crossed.

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