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UFO 50 Announced by the Developers of Spelunky and Downwell

UFO 50 Announced


UFO 50 Announced by the Developers of Spelunky and Downwell

50 8-bit games in one nifty package.

UFO 50 has been announced by the creators of Spelunky, Downwell, Time Barons, Skorpulac and Madhouse today. Combining a variety of genres including RPGs, platformers, puzzle games and more, this neat 8-bit collection of 50 unique games will be available on PC next year. A trailer accompanying the announcement can be found below.

Each game is its own full-fledged title, slightly shorter than the 8-bit titles we’re familiar with from the 80’s but long enough to commend a director for each installment. In a special FAQ section on the game’s official website, the collection is detailed as being able to  “easily take over a hundred hours” to complete. What’s more is that the games are connected in an overarching narrative, as the premise claims that they were all created by a secret company in the 80’s that was ahead of its time.

All of the titles will have single-player functionality and roughly one-third will either feature co-op or multiplayer support in some way. Though an exact cost hasn’t been decided on as of late, the developers want UFO 50 to be an “easy purchase” whenever it launches next year. It will eventually make to jump to other platforms after release, but nothing has been announced so far.

Another exciting aspect of the project is that the developers collaborated with each other when designing the games they didn’t direct, helping out with key features like programming and art. The end product should be an interesting amalgamation of ideas, though for now we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us.

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