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Nadine Ross Almost Wasn’t in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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Nadine Ross Almost Wasn’t in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

We almost saw another classic character.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was released earlier this week and it looks like it’s the last adventure in the Uncharted series, at least for now. The reviews have been very positive and it seems like The Lost Legacy is a fitting last outing with Naughty Dog’s series.

The stand-alone DLC features Chloe Frazer, a character first introduced in Uncharted 2 but absent in Uncharted 4, as she teams up with Nadine Ross, one of the antagonists of Uncharted 4, as the two travel to India to discover a lost treasure before their psychotic enemy does.

Both critics and gamers have praised the writing of The Lost Legacy and the uneasy alliance between Chloe and Nadine is an interesting one. However, an early draft of the game’s script originally saw Chloe teaming up with a completely different character from the Uncharted series.

In an interview with The Daily Star, The Lost Legacy’s creative director, Shaun Escayg, revealed that Chloe was originally going to team up with the character Charlie Cutter, who was a main character in the third Uncharted game, Drake’s Deception. Another early draft also featured Drake’s brother Sam going on an adventure with Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan.

“We initially explored pairing Cutter and Chloe,” said Escayg, “but we found the Nadine story more compelling. Nadine is just the perfect brew for that conflict. They’re complete opposites, but they also have the same trait for self-preservation.”

He went on to explain why the writers opted to follow Chloe as the main character rather than Sam, saying: “To be fair when we explored the Sam and Sullivan story grew quickly and grew big quickly, but it just wasn’t as compelling. At Naughty Dog the best story wins and at the time we were exploring a number of different storylines and Chloe’s was the one that we settled on. To come out with something that felt fresh and has this new tone in the Uncharted world which was just so much more compelling at the time.”

“That doesn’t mean we won’t (explore Sam and Sullivan) in the future with the studio. It’s just that Chloe’s journey as a character, gave us a blank canvas to start from and so we could do what we wanted, free of the constraints of everything else.”

For now it looks like The Lost Legacy is the end of the Uncharted series, but Sony still owns the rights to the series and Naughty Dog has stated the franchise may return one day. The world of Uncharted is vast and we may see it again one day, even if not through the eyes of Nathan Drake.


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