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Overwatch Balancing Update Introduces New Mercy Ultimate and Ability


Overwatch Balancing Update Introduces New Mercy Ultimate and Ability

Battle Mercy just got a whole lot better

Mercy has officially become the second Overwatch hero to get a significant rework that introduces a new ability and a brand new ultimate. The Overwatch team released a video explaining new balancing changes that will be hitting the PTR and a complete Mercy rework was the star of the show. In fact, the rework is so significant that it’s hard to classify the changes as a nerf or a buff. While Blizzard was certainly aiming to reduce the effectiveness of Mercy’s ultimate ability, her new kit might actually make her a far more viable choice as a support character in the game. Of course, only time will tell just how the meta changes due to Mercy’s new kit.

Kaplan specifically mentioned the impact that a Mercy Rez has on a game when an enemy Zarya pairs her ultimate with a teammate’s ultimate only to have everyone that was caught in the mayhem brought back to life anyway. In a game that makes ultimate management so important, it felt a bit frustrating that Mercy could essentially cheat a team out of two ultimate abilities. With that in mind, and the team’s personal distaste for Mercy players asking their teammates to die on the point when they have Rez, the Overwatch team decided to change Mercy’s ultimate completely.

Her new ultimate will be Valkyrie and it will allow Mercy to fly. No, not fly as in float around the map between teammates and die when one goes out of range at just the wrong time. Fly as in Mercy’s wings are finally getting put to use and will give players full control over her as she soars through the air. In addition to letting Mercy fly, Valkyrie basically gives Mercy a temporary boost in every way. Her damage boost and healing streams will reach further while also chaining together with other allied heroes who are close enough to the original target. This means a team that is grouped up can all receive healing boosts or damage boosts at the same time while Mercy is using her ultimate. Or if you’re more of a battle Mercy fan you can fly around and shoot enemies from the sky since Valkyrie will also give Mercy’s pistol a damage boost. It’s up to you.

But what about Rez? Has the ability to bring teammates back from the dead completely left Overwatch all together? Not at all. Rez is now Mercy’s second ability. From now on, Mercy players will always have Rez in their back pocket as long as it’s not on cool down but the Rez will only impact one player. This means you’ll want to be pretty strategic about who it is you want to resurrect. Rez will also have a significant cool down of 30 seconds and she will no longer be invincible when bringing back a teammate.

Also, keep in mind that these changes are only live on PTR so they could very well (and probably will) be changed again before going live on console.

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