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For Honor Player Exploits Bug to Win Major Tournament Hosted by Ubisoft


For Honor Player Exploits Bug to Win Major Tournament Hosted by Ubisoft

There’s no honor here…

For Honor is a game that has been met with one stumbling block after another that caused the game’s community to dwindle since it was released in February. Whether it was long wait times between matches, constantly getting booted from games or the annoying lack of balance between certain characters, For Honor struggled to appease its community. Of course, the silence coming from Ubisoft certainly didn’t help many players cling on to hope that the game would soon see better days.

But then something wonderful happened. Ubisoft broke its silence, promised to address some of the game’s most overbearing issues and even rolled out major patches to the game that brought new content and promises of dedicated servers. For the first time in a long time, the For Honor community had reason to be hopeful about the game’s future. Unfortunately, the first major For Honor tournament livestreamed by Ubisoft took those lingering feelings of optimism and tackled them with a Raider’s Stampede Charge.

Ubisoft hosted the major tournament over the weekend in hopes to showcase all of the new content and changes that were coming to For Honor in season three. Instead, the tournament underscored Ubisoft’s inability to deal with major bugs and balancing issues in a timely fashion. All sorts of issues were prevalent throughout the entire tournament but it was Jakub “SB.Alernakin” Palen’s victory via bug exploitation that was the most hilarious and somewhat frustrating thing to watch.

For Honor players have complained for months that a bug in the parry system allows some attacks to be invincible. Certain attacks are guaranteed to always land as long as their opponent is in the proper range of the attack. If you’ve been struggling to defeat an enemy Nobushi, this is probably the reason why. Well, SB.Alernakin admitted that he hadn’t played the game for weeks before the tournament but exploiting this bug gave him an easy path to victory as none of his foes could parry his Nobushi’s attacks. One player after another did their best to defeat SB.Alernakin but were unable to put a stop to his unrelenting offense.

But every game has its fair share of bugs that have to get dealt with once they are exposed by the community. That’s certainly no reason to panic or question what the future holds for a particular game…unless the developers already promised to fix the issue nearly three months ago. A developer update acknowledged the bug back in May so it’s a bit surprising that the bug is still plaguing the game and it wasn’t specifically banned at a tournament hosted by Ubisoft.

For Honor’s creative director did seem to acknowledge the use of the bug by telling SB.Alernakin “soon you may have to change your playstyle” as he awarded him the trophy. Either way, that doesn’t change the fact that the bug already helped For Honor’s first major tournament winner easily take home $10,000.

Reddit user ColdBlackCage created a detailed list of more bugs and balancing issues that popped up throughout the tournament and also claimed that the competition turned out to be a “downright embarrassment” for the For Honor community.

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