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Final Fantasy XV “Comrades” Gets an Update Next Week and a Second Beta Test


Final Fantasy XV “Comrades” Gets an Update Next Week and a Second Beta Test

Square Enix is making improvements.

Square Enix has announced it is updating Final Fantasy XV’s new multiplayer component, “Comrades”, next week. The developer will add a new patch to improve the game’s matchmaking, which has been a source of frustrating for players testing the beta.

Comrades is a multiplayer experience that allows up to four players to play various quests cooperatively. It features character customization in which players can choose a female or male avatar. There isn’t, as yet, any open world exploration to its gameplay. It’s a rather skeleton package so far, with only three quests able to be played: two hunts, one escort. Square Enix presumably intends to add more modes in the future, using the beta primarily for stress testing servers and smoothing out aspects such as matchmaking.

So far, the servers have struggled to run properly, with Square Enix’s official twitter account reassuring players that it’s working hard to deliver smoother performance.

If you’re interested in trying out the beta, there’s good news: Square Enix now plans to run a second round of beta tests between the 11th and 13th of August. The beta is only available to those who have bought the $24.99 season pass, but if you purchase it now, you can try out the second test.

Final Fantasy XV is available on PS4 and Xbox One. Along with the upcoming multiplayer, there’s also been two single player DLC updates, as well as several patches that make changes to gameplay. Further announcements are expected at Gamescom this year.


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