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Doom VFR’s Protagonist Can Transfer His Consciousness to Robots

Doom vfr


Doom VFR’s Protagonist Can Transfer His Consciousness to Robots

Sorry. No Doom Marine!

Unlike previous Doom games, id Software’s upcoming DOOM VFR stars a cybernetically enhanced being who can transfer his consciousness to computers and robots.

In a new video from Bethesda, Game Director Marty Stratton says DOOM VFR starts with protagonist Doctor Peters’s consciousness being transferred to the UAC’s backup computer system shortly after his death. “Through the course of the game, you get to transfer that consciousness to different computer systems and technical vehicles,” said Stratton. Essentially, this ability enables players to use a “badass security robot that has all the guns and all the killing power you would hope a DOOM game lets you wield.”

Peters is actually in Bethesda’s DOOM 2016 game, and his chopped upper torso can be found in the Advanced Research Complex. Peters is part of the research program that created the iconic BFG weapon.

The Doom series have always featured the Doom Marine who specializes in killing demons. With Peters in the lead role, the developers are able to introduce new puzzle solving mechanics in DOOM VFR.

“We wanted to specifically take advantage of some of the opportunities that you have in VR. Being the DOOM marine and the DOOM Slayer is such a focused experience. The DOOM Slayer, he doesn’t fix stuff. He doesn’t play an engineer. He doesn’t pick locks. He doesn’t hack things. But those are things that we thought were really cool opportunities for VR and we wanted to do something different with VR.”

Despite the introduction of non-combat elements, Stratton stressed that “most of the game is still about combat.” “We love combat,” says Stratton. “That’s what Doom’s all about.”

Doom VFR launches sometime in 2017 for PSVR and HTC Vive.

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