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White Day 2: Swan Song Is Poised to Terrify Gamers in 2018


White Day 2: Swan Song Is Poised to Terrify Gamers in 2018

The creepy games keep coming.

The ridiculously terrifying Korean horror title White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is scary enough on its own, but a sequel is even more frightening. Good thing we’re getting White Day 2: Swan Song for both PlayStation 4 and PC 2018, then, thanks to Sonnori and Rice Digital.

Originally, White Day 2: Swan Song was supposed to be a PlayStation VR title, but now you don’t need to use VR at all. With the original game coming out tomorrow on Steam and on August 25 for PlayStation 4, it’s a great time to go ahead and let the fans have what they want. Massively popular in Korea and a cult classic before it got its English debut, White Day was one of the games that really brought the whole found footage and sneaking around thing, especially among streamers.

Right now, there isn’t any additional information out there regarding White Day 2: Swan Song beyond Rice Digital and Sonnori’s announcement beyond the name. Everyone needs a chance to get started with the first game before digging into the next one, of course, but if you’re a horror addict you’ll want to keep your eye out for the sequel, if you can handle it. You might want to play a little Corpse Party to get geared up and ready for it, just in case.


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