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Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Lands with a Boom

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Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Lands with a Boom

The fight against Gol begins.

Destiny 2’s release is nearly upon us. So, in standard video game fashion, Activision and Bungie have uploaded an action-packed launch trailer to celebrate the occasion.

The footage places a lot of focus on the game’s story, which revolves around the Cabal faction known as the Red Legion attacking the Traveller and the Guardian’s city. They are led by the tyrannical Gol, an enemy whose presence will be felt throughout all of Destiny 2.The stakes have been raised, and the launch trailer does everything in its power to make this clear. Gol has succeeded in besting the Guardians, now they must take back what is rightfully theirs.

The original Destiny was a success, but many complained about its lack of content and lackluster story at launch. Its sequel is set to solve those problems, offering a more well-rounded experience from the get-go.

Destiny 2 releases for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 6. The PC version of the game can be bought through the Blizzard launcher.

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