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Crackdown 3 Gets Delayed Again, Slated for Spring 2018 Release

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Crackdown 3 Gets Delayed Again, Slated for Spring 2018 Release

Will it be worth the wait?

Fans of the Crackdown series have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the third title since it was first announced back in 2014 and it looks like their wait just got even longer. Just as fans were a little more than two months away from the second Crackdown 3 release date, Microsoft announced that the highly anticipated open-world shooter was getting delayed yet again. This marks the second delay for Crackdown 3 and means the title won’t be hitting PC or Xbox One until spring 2018.

Microsoft broke the news to Polygon, explaining that while the decision was a difficult one to make they believe they ultimately made the right call. “We’re very excited about Crackdown 3 and so are many fans, and so it’s a difficult call to move the release date,” Shannon Loftis, Microsoft Studios Publishing general manager, said. “However, we want to make sure to deliver the right game, with the right quality, and at the right time. Crackdown 3 is a hugely ambitious game and we want to ensure we deliver the right experiences all the way through every part of the game, whether that’s campaign, co-op multiplayer or our competitive multiplayer mode, Wrecking Zone.”

Pushing the release date for Crackdown 3 back from November 7 to spring of 2018 doesn’t necessarily add a huge amount of extra time to the wait but it still feels particularly disappointing once you consider a few things. For starters, this marks the second time that Crackdown 3 has gotten pushed back. It was originally slated to release in the third quarter of 2016 before getting pushed back to November of this year. But many fans of the series would say that their wait for Crackdown 3 has been even longer than that.

Crackdown 2 was largely considered to be a bit underwhelming especially when compared to the success of the first game. While it was still a solid gaming experience, many critics felt like it didn’t provide a proper sequel to the original. This is where many believe Crackdown 3 will step in and save the day… whenever it finally comes out, of course.

The good news is that Crackdown 3 looks likes it’s been shaping up to be a game that is well worth the wait. “Crackdown 3 is an incredibly ambitious project that pushes the techological envelope with immersive true 4k gameplay, cloud computing competitive multiplayer and a sprawling and futuristic open world,” Loftis added. “The team has been working extremely hard to deliver a great experience for fans and this extra time will help us do just that.”

Loftis went on to add that the development team will be using the extra time to “focus on the visual polish” of the game’s “expansive open world.”

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