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The Builder From Clash of Clans Is 100% Fed Up in This Adorable New Short

Clash of Clans


The Builder From Clash of Clans Is 100% Fed Up in This Adorable New Short

That’s it, he’s had enough.

The poor builder from Clash of Clans. Despite all of the death and destruction around him, he always comes to work with a smile and gives it his all, as this new cute short released by Clash of Clan’s YouTube channel aptly shows. That little guy gives it his all, and is rewarded by having everything he creates torn down almost as soon as it’s completed.

Even the nicest people have their limits. Even those with the longest fuses, have their breaking points. And, as the video hints at, The Builder may finally be at his wit’s end.

A press release associated with the now viral video (over 8.5 million views in under a day!) shed a little more light on this development:

“The Builder, one the the most essential (and some would say, underappreciated) characters in Clash of Clans, has left the game. While Clash players are celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary this month, The Builder has decided to leave in search of a place where his creations live on for more than just a few hours.”

Talk around the water cooler today is that The Builder could somehow wind up within the world of Clash Royale. His work probably won’t fare any better, but it certainly can’t get much worse we guess.

Whether The Builder leaving has some kind of greater meaning, or is just simply a cute short to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Clash of Clans, we’ll leave up to you to decide until we get more information.

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