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Bungie Is Offering Support for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


Bungie Is Offering Support for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Support those in need and get a cool emblem.

Bungie is leading the charge when it comes to helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. With the storm continuing to hammer certain parts of the United States even further inland, every little bit of assistance helps, and Bungie’s campaign to support the massive amount of relief efforts is nothing to sneeze at.

Bungie is offering a physical item in the form of a special pin for donations made to the cause, which will also translate into a special emblem in Destiny 2 that can be used when the game releases in full. You can head over to the Bungie Store right now to purchase a small collectible heart pin for $15, with all profits from sales going to the Bungie Foundation.

The money earned for the Bungie Foundation will then go to Direct Relief, a nonprofit group. Bungie’s no stranger to having worked with them before, and the money will be used to help assist those displaced in the hurricane that’s been terrorizing residents in Texas and beyond as of late.

You also get a code with the pin that you can redeem in Destiny 2 to get a special emblem that you can use in-game. Currently there are about 15,000 in stock, but Bungie will be creating more in the weeks to come. Alternatively, you can donate to Bungie, but every little bit helps, and it seems there’s a whole lot of “little bits” going from Bungie and the community to help. It’s always good to see people come together like this.


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