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WWE 2K18 Will be Coming To Nintendo Switch

wwe 2k18

WWE 2K18 Will be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Get ready for on-the-go suplexes.

Since 2013, WWE games have been absent from Nintendo’s platforms – most likely due to the failure of the Wii U. Today, though Nintendo tweeted out a special message from WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, who confirmed that WWE 2K18 will thankfully make its way to the Nintendo Switch, and will of course make use of the system’s portability.

“We heard you,” Rollins says in the video. “We listened, and we delivered. Finally, WWE video games are back on Nintendo platforms and WWE 2K18 is coming to Nintendo Switch.” This is great news for Nintendo fans and WWE fans alike, as you’ll now be able to play WWE 2K18 to its absolute fullest on the move – and who doesn’t want to beat people up (in a safe environment, of course) wherever they go?

As of right now, it’s unconfirmed whether or not you’ll be able to play on a single joy-con, essentially enabling two players to easily play at once, but we don’t see why this functionality can’t be implemented – surely there’ll be enough buttons?

As with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, if you pre-order WWE 2K18 you’ll be able to play an exclusive WWE Superstar, Kurt Angle, on release – Angle hasn’t made his appearance in a game since SmackDown vs. Raw 2007.

The video doesn’t give a release date for the Switch version, but it can be assumed that it’ll be released at the same time as the PS4 and Xbox One iterations; October 17. If not, we can definitely expect it to hit shelves before the end of the year.

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