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Nioh ‘Defiant Honor’ DLC Date Announced by Team Ninja

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Nioh ‘Defiant Honor’ DLC Date Announced by Team Ninja

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Nioh was released earlier this year after a very long development period. Hopes were high for this action adventure RPG but it seems the wait was worthwhile as it received critical acclaim for its dark, mysterious world and difficult gameplay.

If you’re a fan of Nioh and you’re itching for an excuse to return to it then you’ll be pleased to learn that the next DLC has been announced by Tom Lee, developer Team Ninja’s creative director, on a new post on the official PlayStation Blog. The DLC is called Defiant Honor and is set to be released on July 25.

As his post reads: “Defiant Honor takes us to Osaka Castle, the largest and most impregnable castle of Sengoku era. This add-on features the legendary warrior Sanada Yukimura, serving Tokugawa Ieyasu’s archenemy Toyotomi clan, who values honor above all else. As tensions brew between the Tokugawa and Toyotomi clans, Sanada Yukimura prepares his men for imminent conflict against the Tokugawa’s forces by building a stronghold called the Sanada Maru on the outskirts of the Osaka Castle. With the castle fortified, Tokugawa’s forces were faced with a difficult and bloody challenge.”

The new Nioh DLC will include new weapons, armor, magic items, guardian spirits, and enemies. There will also be new difficulty levels and trophies for you to collect. The DLC will be available for $9.99 or free to season pass owners.


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