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The Latest Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer Confirms Four New Characters

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The Latest Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer Confirms Four New Characters

The brand new trailer looks beautiful.

Back at E3 last month, a new Fire Emblem game was announced; this time being a spin-off ‘Warriors’ game. We have already seen a fair bit of the game, but today a new trailer has been released, which has given us a few new confirmations on who we might be playing in the full game. It doesn’t have any actual gameplay, only giving us a few cutscenes, but we’ve been able to glean a lot of information from this trailer alone.

Right off the bat, it’s obvious that the graphics for this game are beautifully realised, touting an impressive melding together of the fire emblem and warriors art-styles. It’s easy to tell that this footage is taken from the Switch Version of the game, as we are yet to see any of the 3DS version, but both versions are sure to look very nice indeed.

As the trailer goes on, four new characters are confirmed to be in the game, and who will almost certainly be playable. These characters are Lissa and Frederick, who both wield axes, Lucina wielding a sword, and Robin, who harnesses the power of magic.

The most exciting additions here are probably Lucina and Robin, two of the much loved playable protagonists of Fire Emblem Awakening. The trailer doesn’t confirm if robin will be playable in both genders, as in FE: Awakening, but it’s very possible.

Fire Emblem Warriors is proving to cause many split opinions with some excited to see the universe realised in the ‘Warriors’ style, and others unhappy that the choices of characters are so limited to the most famous characters, or the ones from the most recent games; five of the ten revealed characters are from Fire Emblem Awakening. A bunch of new characters are still yet to come, so keep your eyes peeled for more Fire Emblem coming your way in the future.

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