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Telltale Offers The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and More in New Humble Bundle

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Telltale Offers The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and More in New Humble Bundle

Over 15 games for $15.

Telltale Games returns to Humble Bundle with a ton of story-driven adventure games, a few brain teasers, and a little poker. This great deal might leave some wanting more, though the developer recently squashed the idea of sequels to Tales from the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us.

The first tier includes Steam keys of Sam and Max: Season 1, Sam and Max: Season 2, Puzzle Agent 1, Puzzle Agent 2, Bone – Episode 1 & Episode 2, Hector: Badge of Carnage, Telltale Texas Hold’em, Poker Night at the Inventory, and The Walking Dead – Season 1 for $1 or more.

Paying more than the average price adds The Walking Dead: Michonne, Tales from the Borderlands, The Walking Dead – Season 2, Game of Thrones, and a Humble Store coupon for a 50% off discount on The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (also known as The Walking Dead: Season Three). More games will be automatically added to this tier next Tuesday.

The $15 or more tier receives Batman – The Telltale Series, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Minecraft: Story Mode – Adventure Pass. Minecraft: Story Mode includes the first five episodes, while the Adventure Pass includes episodes six, seven, and eight. Buyers can split the proceeds of their purchase between Telltale, Humble Bundle, and charities like JDRF Greater Bay Area Chapter and Stack-Up.Org.


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