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Pyre Wiki: Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, and More


Pyre Wiki: Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, and More

Pyre takes players on an adventure through a fantasy world where they must lead a band of exiles to freedom through a series of competitions known as Rites. Whichever team of three can douse the opponent’s pyre’s flame first is crowned victor, and you’ll need to think about who makes up your trio if you’re to come out on top. While Pyre can be a fairly straightforward experience, there are a number of areas where players may find themselves a little lost. As such, we’ve put together this wiki to ensure that whenever you’re at a loss for what to do next or how something works, you’ve got an answer there and then.

  • Release Date: July 25, 2017
  • Developer: Supergiant Games
  • Publisher: Supergiant Games
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC


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We’ll be adding to this wiki over time, so make sure to check back in with us soon.

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